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Internet Acquiring

Together with Octobank JSC, connect your business to receiving online payments from international and national cards.
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in Telegram

«Ravnaq-bank» JSC always tries to keep pace with the times and now has its public information channel in one of the popular instant messengers - Telegram.
Channel: https://t.me/ravnaqbank

USD deposit
with an income of 6% per annum

Discover the profitable Online 3 deposit and earn up to 6% per annum. The deposit can be opened through the RBK-Mobile mobile app.
USD deposit

Issuance of international cards in 2 minutes
through Card machine 24/7

Submit an application for opening a VISA Classic card through the RBK-Mobile mobile APP and receive your card in 2 minutes through a Card machine.
Issuance of international cards in 2 minutes

Contactless payment via smartphone

Secure payment for goods and services in terminals, in one click with virtual cards VISA and Mastercard
Contactless payment via smartphone
Visa Platinum
Create an atmosphere of premium!
Enjoy life with special offers on your Visa Platinum card.
Visa Platinum

Traveler bank card Mastercard Aviasales

Order a free Traveler card. This card is made specially for you and are ready to deliver it to any place in Uzbekistan (in Tashkent city for free)

Order a card
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Octobank and CityPay.io Collaborate to Drive High-Tech  and Crypto Adoption in Uzbekistan
29 May 2024

Octobank and CityPay.io Collaborate to Drive High-Tech and Crypto Adoption in Uzbekistan

Octobank and CityPay.io Collaborate to Drive High-Tech
and Crypto Adoption in Uzbekistan
Tbilisi, Georgia - May 13, 2024
Octobank, a leading financial institution based in Uzbekistan, and CityPay.io, a prominent fintech company headquartered in Georgia, have solidified their commitment to advancing high-tech and crypto adoption in Uzbekistan through a strategic partnership. The partnership was formalized with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on May 11th, 2024, in Tbilisi, Georgia.
The MoU outlines a comprehensive framework for collaboration between Octobank and CityPay.io, focusing on the promotion and integration of high-tech solutions and cryptocurrency payment systems in Uzbekistan. Key agreements within the memorandum include the promotion of cryptocurrency usage in everyday payments, integration into bank payment channels, collaboration with card issuance, and citynet development.
Speaking about the collaboration, Mr. Tursunov Iskandar Baxtinurovich, Chairman of the Board at Octobank, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Our partnership with CityPay.io marks a significant milestone in our journey towards advancing financial innovation in Uzbekistan. By leveraging CityPay.io's expertise in high-tech solutions and cryptocurrency payment systems, we aim to empower individuals and businesses with access to cutting-edge financial services."
Mr. Eralp Hatipoglu, CEO of CityPay.io, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the transformative potential of the collaboration. "We are excited to partner with Octobank to drive crypto adoption and high-tech solutions in Uzbekistan," he remarked. "Through our combined efforts, we are poised to revolutionize the financial landscape, providing individuals and businesses with innovative solutions that enhance convenience, security, and accessibility in transactions."
The signing of the MoU between Octobank and CityPay.io heralds a new era of collaboration and innovation in Uzbekistan's financial sector. By harnessing the power of high-tech solutions and cryptocurrency payment systems, the partnership aims to accelerate the country's transition towards a more digitally inclusive economy.
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