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Сards in local currency
  • Currency Узбекский сум
  • Type of card Депозитная карта

Basic conveniences for clients based on the cards issued by the Bank:

  • Rapidity and reliability of settlements;
  • Convenient and reliable payment tool;
  • Risk reduction of loss of funds;

Services and advantages of a plastic card:

  • opportunity to make payments in any region of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • provision of account and/or card statement as per the Client’s request;
  • opportunity to make an urgent issue of a card in case of its loss or damage;
  • provision of SMS-messaging;

The detailed information can be obtained on the following phone number: 202-00-64 or through the “Contacts” interface on the home page.

  • General recommendations for the safe use of VISA cards issued in the "Ravnaq-bank" Size: 296.46 KB Format: pdf
  • Application for participation in the "Cash Back to Visa" program Size: 13.46 KB Format: docx
  • Tariffs for banking services for individuals and transactions with plastic cards Size: 697.53 KB Format: pdf
Дополнительная информация
  • Required documents

    Required documents for opening corporate plastic cards for legal entities:

    1. Statement
    2. Copy of the license of the organization
    3. Copy of the passport of the director or officer of the organization
    4. Agreement between the bank and organizations
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Mobile application of the bank for legal entities and private entrepreneurs.
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