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Visa Classic

Update date:  4 April 2024, 13:04
International сards
Visa Classic
  • Currency Доллар США
  • Type of card Депозитная карта
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VISA corporate cards are an effective way of management of company’s expenditures based on the ease of use, transparency of company’s expenditures control system, as well as based on the financial benefit from optimization and processes.


  • Saving of time and funds
  • Simplification of company’s accounting procedure
  • Sharing of personal and business expenditures
  • Costs minimization when issuing the business trip and representation costs
  • Amount of expenses through the payment card can be limited by the company itself
  • Receiving the cash through the corporate card is accomplishable in ATM network throughout the world outside of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • Opportunity of receiving of data for expenses reports
  • Significant simplification of reporting and processes of management in part of business-trip and representation costs and so on.

  • General recommendations for the safe use of VISA cards issued in the "Ravnaq-bank" Size: 296.46 KB Format: pdf
  • Application for participation in the "Cash Back to Visa" program Size: 13.46 KB Format: docx
Дополнительная информация
  • Required documents

    Required documents for opening corporate plastic cards for legal entities:

    1. Statement
    2. Copy of the license of the organization
    3. Copy of the passport of the director or officer of the organization
    4. Agreement between the bank and organizations
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