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Instructions on switching on the self-service kiosk (self-service terminal)

Update date:  31 May 2018, 15:26
  1. Insert your card into the card reader of the self-service kiosk (self-service terminal). Then you will see the Language selection menu:
  2. Choose the language. Then, you will see the request to enter the PIN code of the card. Insert the PIN code and confirm it.
  3. The, you will see the Main Menu:
  4. Choose the clause: “SMS-notification Service”. The, you will see the menu of this service management:
  5. Choose the clause “Switch the service on”, then, you will see the space for entering your mobile phone number:
  6. Insert your mobile phone number, which you want to connect to your card, in the field “Phone number” in the international format 998XXYYYYYYY (without sign «+» in the beginning), check the accuracy of entrance of the phone number, and push the button “Next”. Then, you will see the message on the result of switching the service on. If the switching was failed, contact with the bank. 


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