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Visa Electron

Update date:  10 March 2022, 12:32
International сards
Visa Electron
  • Currency Доллар США
  • Type of card Депозитная карта

Visa Electron is one of the widely distributed cards throughout the world. Making all debit transactions through the card ‘Visa Electron’ requires the endorsement of the Bank-issuer within the online mode. This allows excluding the spurious overspend of funds available in the Cardholder’s account. The card ‘Visa Electron’ can be used only in the electronic point-of-sale terminals functioning within the online model.

Visa Electron Cards promotion campaigns are frequently oriented to the certain categories of citizens, for example, to students and youth, to clients with an initial income, and to customers, who are acquiring the pay cards for the first time.

Although the card ‘Visa Electron’ is a card of an initial stage, it gives the Client a number of excellent advantages:

  • opportunity to withdraw the cash in any bancomats of Visa cards, including abroad;
  • opportunity to make payments with the tens of millions of points of purchase throughout the world;
  • a high level of reliability and control;
  • opportunity to make payments via card in internet;
  • opportunity to save funds by using the special proposals from purchase points;

  • Tariffs for banking services for individuals and transactions with plastic cards Size: 296.46 KB Format: pdf
Дополнительная информация
  • Required documents

    Required documents for opening plastic cards to individuals:

    1. Statement
    2. Copy of the passport
    3. The contract between the bank and an individual
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